The AMD Companies

The core business of AMD Enterprises, the Florida Agency Network introduced a new business model to the real estate and settlement industry. Once they began to realize success by leveraging effective technology with centralized, shared resources and operations, they started to hear from peers and even competitors around Florida. They wanted to know how FAN was able to scale, operate and grow without the inefficiencies typical of most title operations. At that point, Davis realized that they had something to offer to other businesses, regardless of their industries. In fact, Aaron still has the napkin on which he diagrammed his early centralized models!

In forging its success, AMD and FAN didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s not about using the latest technology. It’s about using the most effective technology to meet your unique needs.

And while tech is an important part of efficient operations, the plain truth is that tech and strategic analytics won’t succeed without solid processes and skilled, knowledgeable people. It’s all about combining scalability and culture with reporting and analysis. Those are the key ingredients to his companies success, and what they execute for clients on a daily basis.

Realize your Business’s Potential Through Centralized Services and Effective Technology.

The foundational elements of our winning model have grown into stand-alone service providers available to businesses seeking greater success. While we may have gotten our start in the title industry, we help firms of any size in all industries.

We can provide a boost for start-up operations. We deliver effective tools and technologies to mid-sized firms seeking to grow their footprints. And we regularly help larger businesses to eliminate their inefficiencies.

Our success is built upon the notion of centralized resources, fueled by effective technology and scalable operations to meet any market cycle. We deliver centralized support services (NTS, BPM, PDS); hosting and managed IT services (PDS) and strategic consulting for businesses seeking growth or improved operations via outsourcing, expansion, partnering and support services. (

Our team is ready to help your business reach new levels of success. Let’s talk. We’ll help you determine where our resources can best amplify your value proposition.

Aaron understood the need for heightened security and compliance within the title industry. Also, with the trend of more cloud based, networked, and agile settlement providers, a need for an industry specific boutique provider recognized. Thus, Premier Data Services was born. Originally created to serve the title and settlement industry, Premier Data Services began to evolve and transform into a Managed Services and IT provider for clients beyond the title industry. Premier Data Services’ goal is to develop solidified partnerships with its clients by understanding current and potential IT risks to business and providing solutions to mitigate those threats.

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The housing market’s continued growth and a trend toward more compliant third-party vendors in the settlement arena, prompted Aaron to create Network Transaction Solutions. Network Transaction Solutions’ services ranging from title plant search access, municipal lien searches, HOA/COA processing, post-closing/warehousing functions, estoppel/payoff ordering department, national mobile signing division, Remote Online Notarization (RON) services, and much more. Network Transaction Solutions was created to support the transaction process by delivering professionalism with ease, and partnering with clients to meet individual needs.

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Hometown Title Network (HTN) specializes in providing custom title related services for Mobile Home and Short Sale transactions. HTN’s Mobile Home services include researching Title(s), preparation of Transfer Documents, transfer of Title(s) and the delivery of Title(s) and documents to applicable parties. HTN will also work to clear any issues found in the process, such as liens not released from current or past owners. Short Sale Services include coordinating communication between the Seller, Agent and Lender to facilitate the short sale approval process, including preparing necessary documentation ahead of time to make the process easier and simpler for all parties.

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BPM Solutions was created to provide back-office services that are tailored to a business’s professional needs. Aaron’s mission for BPM Solutions is to provide clients with accounting, human resources, financial reporting, and business consultation. Our goal is to help grow each client’s business and give the entrepreneur peace of mind.

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Attorneys Title Network provides the opportunity to engage a trusted and experienced team of ancillary service professionals who can advise and assist in the operation of a law firm. Access to our robust suite of services allows you to refocus on growing your core business and generating additional revenue. The flexibility of the Attorneys Title Network model allows for varying degrees of participation, depending on specific needs.

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In 2015, inspired by culture-conscious companies like Google, GoFundMe, Zappos, and USAA, Davis purchased Alexander Oaks Office Park and the land adjoining it. The development now includes over 40,000 sq. feet of light office commercial space, ample parking, and updated and well maintained amenities. In partnering with the Plant City Economic Development Corporation, Aaron’s hope for the development is to bring a relaxed, collaborative workspace to the area and help draw more businesses to the I-4 Corridor.

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At 19 years old, Aaron bought his first home. He paid $32,000 for a 2 bedroom 1 bath 1000 Sq foot frame home. Aaron put $4,000 down and the owner financed the remainder at 10% interest. His payment was $300 per month. So what did Aaron do? He rented out 1 bedroom for $200 to his friend James, and rented out the couch for $150 to his friend Scott, creating a $50 per month cash flowing rental at age 19. Residential Real Estate investing was in his blood at that point, and to this day he holds numerous real estate investments in his personal portfolio.

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