Cindy is the CEO of Vistage Florida and was previously a Vistage Chair for more than 20 years. Vistage is a membership organization that provides ongoing personal and professional development for Chief Executives and Key executives through monthly peer advisory group meetings, executive coaching sessions and expert speakers. As a chair, she worked with successful CEO's and other "C" level executives in the Tampa Bay area who wanted to outperform their competition. Before joining Vistage, she spent almost 20 years in financial and accounting management with small entrepreneurial companies as well as larger publicly traded companies, and was involved in over 30 M&A transactions. She was a 2004 Recipient of the TEC/Vistage International Robert Nourse Chair of the Year Award and the 2013 Recipient of the Red Scott Award from Vistage Florida.
CEO, Vistage Florida


Mack has been involved in Vistage Florida’s leadership as a Chair since 2005. He previously served as the CEO/President in crisis management turnarounds of numerous publicly traded companies.
Chair, Vistage Florida

Why work with Aaron?

Both Mack DeVine and Cindy Hesterman met Aaron through the renowned leadership organization, Vistage. Mack and Aaron met initially through the Tampa group led by Mack, where Mack quickly recognized Aaron’s penchant for leadership. “Aaron joined Vistage at a relatively early stage of his business’ growth, and as a young man,” said Mack. “In fact, his business barely qualified for membership in his first year. However, it was immediately evident that Aaron and his business were on a steep, upward trajectory, and this his instinctive leadership was a major reason. While Aaron is quite comfortable speaking his mind, he’s also one of the rare entrepreneurs who spends as much time listening and observing as he does expressing his thoughts. The result is a true servant leader who has done a great deal to bring a creative, and successful, approach to the mortgage, real estate and title insurance industry.”

Cindy later met Aaron as he became more involved in statewide Vistage events and initiatives. “During my time at Vistage and throughout my career, I have been surrounded not only by leaders, but by men and women consistently striving to find new and better ways to inspire others and to affect innovative change and improvement. I interact on a daily basis with people who regularly break the mold on what next level management and leadership should be. I’ve known Aaron for over a decade now, and I can genuinely say he’s among the most creative and thoughtful leaders I’ve met.”

– Cindy Hesterman & Mack DeVine

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