January 4, 2021

FAN Releases New Electronic EMD Feature

EMD-blockFlorida Agency Network (FAN) announces the release of a new Electronic Earnest Money Deposit ("EMD") program. This program is part of FAN's continued effort to keep everyone safe and secure, streamline the closing process, and move that much closer to a true paperless closing. Customers buying homes are now able to send their EMD electronically, enabling a fully-digital transfer of funds and eliminating the need to visit any of FAN's multiple office locations throughout the state.

"One of the items that is a consistent burden to our clients is the handling of EMDs. We live in a world of technological innovation, digital movement of funds, and less dependency on checks and paper currency. This new service offers convenience to our clients, and a more efficient solution for receiving funds. The days of racing to the title office within 72 hours of signing a contract, mailing or overnighting funds, or waiting hours for wiring instructions are history," said Aaron M. Davis, CEO of Florida Agency Network, in a recent press release. The service connects customers to Keybox, the platform for secure payments by Payload.

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